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Here at Naiviv Educational Tools, we are using our 25 years of experience in preschool education to provide a catchy and entertaining tool sure to have both child and adult singing along. Each CD comes with fantastic activities for preschoolers to guarantee a well-rounded learning experience. Find out how your children can benefit by contacting us today for more details.

Activities for Preschoolers
Create an active learning environment with our activities for preschoolers! With these unique activities, you have the chance to teach your child or students all types of life lessons. Our activities for preschoolers include:

 • Role Playing Games to Help Deal with Emotions
 • Ways to Learn the Alphabet
 • Developing Awareness of Sounds & Simple
• Learning to Draw Pictures & Other Preschool
  Education Activities
• How to Use Materials from Their Environment to Learn

Lesson Plans & Resources
In addition to offering a CD filled with songs and activities, we are also working on lesson plans and resources to help with your educational plans. Check back with us frequently to see updates on our lesson plans, which will be offered in relation to our songs and concepts in math.


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