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Discover exciting and catchy preschool and kindergarten songs that focus on learning, reading, and math at Naiviv Educational Tools. Proudly serving New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We are proud to present a CD all about educating kids from preschool to first grade. This preschool education tool is designed to ensure a great foundation in learning, but is also entertaining for adults! E-mail us today to find out how you can order our CD in bulk, and start enjoying these early childhood songs.

A New Kind of Preschool Education
Our mission at Naiviv Educational Tools is to help your little ones learn while offering a fun way to prepare for grade school. Our preschool education CD is called "Rhythmic Concepts for Early Learners Vol. 1." and is comprised of developmentally appropriate preschool songs for children aged 3 to 5, though kids of other ages thoroughly enjoy them as well. This CD is a must-have for every family and early childhood educator. Included is a 16-page booklet with the lyrics and activities for preschoolers for every song.
                                      Our preschool song tracklist includes:

1. I See Shapes
2. Nat and the Cat
3. Feelings
4. The Weather Today
5. Sing the Alphabet

 6. Letters, Pictures and Sounds
 7. The Number Song
 8. Community Workers
 9. Little Bird
10. Friends

11. Grandma's Farm
12. Learning Colors
13. Listen to the Sounds
14. Shapes, Shapes
15. Words Called Opposites


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